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The sexual union of two individuals, resulting in insemination or deposition of the male gametes in proximity to the female gametes.



(1) The union of two individuals in sexual intercourse.

(2) The process of the syngamy of two sex cells (gametes). Copulation is usually understood to mean the syngamy of sex cells that are externally almost or completely indistinguishable. If the male gamete differs sharply from the female, the process of their syngamy is called fertilization.

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On at least one occasion, a male pelican from this group attempted to copulate with an unreceptive adult sitting on a nearby nest.
Prior sexual experience increases the likelihood that a male Japanese quail will copulate with a female taxidermic model.
We did not observe any other male golden-cheeked warblers attempting to follow or copulate with this female while she was constructing the nest or laying eggs.
In the family of wolf spiders many species copulate for just a few minutes, while others copulate for hours.
In Branded, she observes that if mass media are convincing youth to do anything, it's not to kill or copulate but to shop.
Lenny'll probably be making mad manga man screeches, and the dame'll probably try and copulate with Parky.
I am the Mother and am the Father and I copulate with myself," says the gn ostic deity Protennoia in a treatise of that name.
Sometimes I, too, would like to copulate with myself.
The loyal angels copulate in their special way but cannot commit incest.
What was wrong in her childhood to allow her to visit this man then copulate with him?
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