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The sexual union of two individuals, resulting in insemination or deposition of the male gametes in proximity to the female gametes.



(1) The union of two individuals in sexual intercourse.

(2) The process of the syngamy of two sex cells (gametes). Copulation is usually understood to mean the syngamy of sex cells that are externally almost or completely indistinguishable. If the male gamete differs sharply from the female, the process of their syngamy is called fertilization.

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Time and duration of each instance of copulation were recorded, as well as information on pre- and post-copulation displays (Lewis 1995).
How soon a plug forms after copulation is unclear because round-tailed ground squirrels were never seen copulating above ground.
These included time of day, size of male and female, presence or absence of brooding eggs, number of chelae, position of mating crabs, shelter usage, duration of copulation, and postcopulatory guarding.
In this essay, I will argue that theopoetics, if truly postmodern, returns us to the copulation of living faith and obedience--if even in different terms than dreamt of in the philosophy of 1623, a year tremendously significant to any authentic lover of poetics.
The first two male-female encounters on 15 May 2008 did not result in copulation.
The "copulation access hypothesis" states that males remain close to females more often at the fertile stage to increase within-pair copulation opportunities.
In this larger thesis Stephens frames the relentless emphasis on demonic copulation in both witch treatises and trial records as a byproduct of a still more relentless repressed doubt about whether demons, and, by extension, the whole spiritual world in fact existed.
The motivation praying mantises remains unclear: As the finale to a successful copulation, the female bites off her mate's head and devours him.
The love bug, Plecia nearctica, is characterized by a prolonged period of copulation whereby males and females are locked in tandem for 56 hrs on average.
Louis expresses his rage against the United States in several poems, including "A Colossal American Copulation.
The ninth concerns sex manuals waxing lyrical over copulation provided it was marital and budgeted, the tenth the rising public sensitivity to noise and stench as reflected in successive complaints against industrial pollution, the eleventh the false stereotyping by Parisians of Limousin migrants, and the twelfth the gradual removal of the sight of blood from the streets of Paris.
Although the Plaintiffs provided overwhelming evidence that accusations that they had oral copulation at work were false, they were still reprimanded and demoted, denied promotion, and their wages decreased.