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The sexual union of two individuals, resulting in insemination or deposition of the male gametes in proximity to the female gametes.



(1) The union of two individuals in sexual intercourse.

(2) The process of the syngamy of two sex cells (gametes). Copulation is usually understood to mean the syngamy of sex cells that are externally almost or completely indistinguishable. If the male gamete differs sharply from the female, the process of their syngamy is called fertilization.

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When the second antenna were ablated, 7 of the 9 male crabs tested showed grasping behavior, while 2 of them also showed copulation behavior toward sponges treated with postmolt female pheromone.
In mammals, the best-studied major group other than insects with respect to copulation behavior, males often perform behavior during copulation that apparently represents courtship (Dixson 1987; Dewsbury 1988).
Beachgoers disrupt copulation behaviors and disperse the beetles as the insects pursue other activities critical to their survival, such as hunting (personal observation).