copy and paste

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copy and paste

(Or "cut and paste", after the paper, scissors and glue method of document production) The system supported by most document editing applications (e.g. text editors) and most operating systems that allows you to select a part of the document and then save it in a temporary buffer (known variously as the "clipboard", "cut buffer", "kill ring"). A "copy" leaves the document unchanged whereas a "cut" deletes the selected part.

A "paste" inserts the data from the clipboard at the current position in the document (usually replacing any currently selected data). This may be done more than once, in more than one position and in different documents.

More sophisticated operating systems support copy and paste of different data types between different applications, possibly with automatic format conversion, e.g from rich text to plain ASCII.

GNU Emacs uses the terms "kill" instead of "cut" and "yank" instead of "paste" and data is stored in the "kill ring".

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copy and paste

To make a copy of a file, folder or selected text in another location. The phrase "cut and paste" is often used when the function people are actually doing is copy and paste. In a cut and paste operation, the content is moved and not copied. See cut and paste, clipboard, Win Copy between windows, Copy and Xcopy.

How to Copy/Cut and Paste Text on a Computer
From: Highlight the text or optionally double click the word or triple click the sentence the cursor is in. Keeping the cursor in the highlighted area, right click and select Copy or Cut.

To: With the cursor in a destination area that can receive text, right click and select Paste.

How to Copy/Cut and Paste Text on a Smartphone
From: Tap and hold in the text area. When the menu appears, tap Copy or Cut.

To: Tap and hold in the destination area. When the menu appears, tap Paste.
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The safety issues surrounding the use of the copy and paste functionality spurred the Partnership to form a workgroup to evaluate the issue and to develop safe practice recommendations for the use of this functionality.
To begin, it was essential that the workgroup first define the scope of copy and paste. The definition chosen was information that was obtained from other areas or from different systems volitionally used elsewhere without having to retype that same information.
Citation Machine: FIGURE 2 Taking Notes Notes: Copy and paste key Response: Summarize, ask passages or paragraphs.
The students could choose to have the tool appear on the screen as they engaged in copy and paste decisions with the text, or they could expand the text to cover the screen and hide the chart.
Students' ability to enter information into the tool by typing was disabled, obliging students to copy and paste information into the tool (under restricted or unrestricted conditions).
Based on our qualitative findings, one answer is that most students should use copy and paste in lieu of typing or writing for practical, motivational and learning-related reasons.
Notes created with copy and paste, however, addressed the note-taking cues the students were provided.
Among new benefits is the product's support of a wide range of PC operating systems and applications including Windows, Linux and PC-DOS; its ability to run multiple operating at the same time; its integration with the Mac OS including drag-and-drop file transfer, as well as copy and paste between Mac and PC applications.
Click on the copy and paste keys to create a new data box as shown below.
Highlight both the Sales Tax label and data boxes and perform a copy and paste. That action will produce a copy of the text and data box directly below the original.
The simple "copy and paste" technology of word processors works in a similar manner in Windows.