coral bells

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coral bells:

see saxifragesaxifrage
, common name for several members of the Saxifragaceae, a family of widely varying herbs, shrubs, and small trees of cosmopolitan distribution. They are found especially in north temperate zones and include many arctic and alpine species.
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americana), a cousin of coral bells that doesn't at all flash around its flowers, which are ho-hum and greenish.
Commonly known as Alum root or coral bells, they have become one of the most popular perennial plants in recent years, due in most part to the efforts of specialist breeders developing hybrid varieties that sport abundant flowers and stunningly beautiful f oliage.
The colors have names like Sand Dollar, Waterscape, Coral Bells and Euphoric Lilac.
Ornamental Varieties Released from the Morden Research Station 1999 Morden Sunrise rose 1999 Shaughnessy Cohen crabapple 1998-2000 "Belles Series" lilies 1998 Northern Sensation lily 1998 Red Sparkle apple 1997 Morden Snowbeauty rose 1996 Hope for Humanity rose 1996 Northern Treasure ash 1996 Northern Gem ash 1996 Spring Bride rosybloom crabapple 1994 Blizzard coral bells 1993 Prairie Sky poplar 1993 Northern Beauty lily 1993 Starburst Sensation lily 1991 Double Delight fall raspberry 1990 Souris raspberry 1986 Fall Red apple 1986 September Ruby apple Source: Agriculture & Agri-food Canada Rick Durand is the manager of the research and development program at Jeffries Nurseries Ltd.
Wants: red geranium, red sunflower, red carnation, red verbena, red phlox, red rose, red lantana, red zinnia, red pansy, red lobelia, red petunia (red and white), red morning glory, red lupine, red columbine, red sweet pea, red cabbage kale, red dahlia, red potentillas, red coleus, red snapdragon, red double begonia, red coral bells, any ferns.
If you plant honey-suckle, common lilac (with purple flowers), red geraniums, nasturtium, red petunias, red salvia, coral bells, columbine, fuchsia and even scarlet runner beans, there is a good chance that you will see hummingbirds feeding among your flowers.
"It's like bringing forest bathing' to the city with mixes of ferns, mosses, coral bells, hostas and anemones in high-contrast, almost unnatural places for a garden style that's gaining ground," Karl said.
While the tiny blooms, which give rise to its common name, coral bells, appear in June and last until the end of August, it's the foliage that makes this plant a winner.
Planting beds in the front and rear for this English Tudor Gem integrate characteristic English garden plants like boxwood, hydrangea, coral bells and astilbe along with today's hardy ornamental grasses and smaller-scale ornamental trees perfectly suited for suburban lots.
Chinese foxgloves offer oversize digitalis-like blooms in the middle, and mixed varieties of coral bells in front add handsome foliage and delicate pink flowers.