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The ministry has said that it continuously undertakes a series of such campaigns to clean beaches and coral reef sites in various governorates of the sultanate.
Women are now being engaged in protection of coral reefs as they are the ones who suffer the most.
New coral reefs grow when larvae settle on suitable seafloor away from the reef where they originated.
Many Chinese fishermen, as well as marine biologists and citizens are aware of this practice and are greatly concerned about this threat to the richness of South China Sea's coral reefs.
Coral reefs play a vital role in the marine ecosystem because even if it occupies only 0.1 percent of the Earth's water area, around 25 percent of marine life actually live here.
Nearly three fourths of our coral reefs were destroyed.
Marine protected areas are a great tool for creating healthy fisheries and protecting coral reefs, but only when managed effectively.
Needing to change our visual and professional perspective was the common theme behind several promising low-cost technical solutions reviewed at a recent Coral Reef Restoration Workshop.
The Philippines and Indonesia house 77 percent of Southeast Asia's coral reefs.
Coral reefs are dying at alarming rates worldwide and using reef safe sunscreen is one easy thing we all can do to help them survive.
The World Bank in March released in its Environment Monitor monthly report that only 4.3 percent or 1,161 square kilometers of the country's once-sprawling 27,000 sq km of coral reefs are in good state.

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