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1. string or thin rope made of several twisted strands
2. a length of woven or twisted strands of silk, etc., sewn on clothing or used as a belt
3. a ribbed fabric, esp corduroy
4. US and Canadian a flexible insulated electric cable, used esp to connect appliances to mains
5. Anatomy any part resembling a string or rope
6. a unit of volume for measuring cut wood, equal to 128 cubic feet
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(1) A very strong twisted thread of cotton or chemical fiber used in the rubber industry for the manufacture of textile products that serve as semifinished components of rubber goods (such as tires).

(2) A woolen fabric, characterized by a special type of weave that forms longitudinal grooves (3–8 mm wide) along its face. Depending on its strength and thickness, cord is used in the manufacture of dresses, suits, and coats. The heaviest and most durable cord serves as excellent material for automobile upholstery.

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What does it mean when you dream about a cord?

Sometimes restriction, but, alternatively, the bonds we have with others. The umbilical cord indicates dependency, and in those kinds of situations we talk about “cutting the cord.”

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A small, very flexible insulated cable.
A unit of measure for wood stacked for fuel or pulp; equals 4 × 4 × 8, or 128 cubic feet (approximately 3.6246 cubic meters).
A long, flexible, cylindrical construction of natural or synthetic fibers twisted or woven together.
Strands of material forming the plies in a motor vehicle tire.
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electric cord

One or more flexible insulated electric conductors in a flexible insulating covering which is equipped with terminals.
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