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A mountain range or group of ranges, including valleys, plains, rivers, lakes, and so on, forming the main mountain axis of a continent.



a narrow island ridge (an archipelago of small, usually rocky islands), corresponding to the arch section of a developing geanticlinal uplift. Cordilleras appear in the early state of the development of a geosyncline. They occur most extensively during the final stage of development of the geosyncline, disappearing as independent formations when uplifts begin to predominate, that is, during the state of orogeny. The term was introduced by the Swiss geologist E. Argand in 1916 and was first used in Russian geological studies by V. P. Rengarten in 1926.

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Challacollo:Scott Manske, Chief Cordilleran Geologist of Mandalay Resources, is an Oregon registered Professional Geologist.
In particular, a rift formed and then widened between paleomagnetic pole determinations on one hand, and mapped geological relationships and latitudinal interpretations of paleontology on the other, concerning what did or did not happen in the Canadian Cordilleran orogen as it reached a mature stage of its development in Late Cretaceous time.
The lease will add 183 unpatented claims to the Cordilleran property, bringing the total land position to 447 unpatented claims.
During his recent keynote address at the Cordilleran Roundup, Senior Regional Geologist Tom Schroeter of the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines recognized Anglo's recent gem discoveries as being of major potential.
Tempelman-Kluit was until recently, the Cordilleran Director of the Geological Survey of Canada (G.
However, as with the coastal Quadra Sand deposits (Clague, 1976, 1977, 1994), not all of these pre-glacial deposits were eroded and removed by the Cordilleran ice.
Beryl occurrences in Canada are mostly associated with either Archean pegmatites in the Canadian Shield or Mesozoic/Cenozoic granitoids in the Cordilleran.
Canadian earth scientists also optimize their activity through regional groups, such as the GAC Pacific Section, the GAC Cordilleran Section, the Calgary-based groups such as CSPG and CSEG, the GAC Edmonton Section, the Saskatchewan Geological Society, the GAC Winnipeg Section, the Sudbury and Toronto Geological Discussion Groups, an emerging Quebec geoscience society, the Atlantic Geoscience Society, and the GAC Newfoundland Section.
The Wernecke sediments are inferred to represent the earliest rift stage of activity associated with the Cordilleran margin (Cook et al.
The NW-SE trending Mahony Arch defines two localized depocentres: the Carcajou sub-basin, which includes the cordilleran outcrops; and the Good Hope sub-basin, which lies to the east of any orogenic deformation and is known primarily from drillcore (Fig.
Beyond this artificial boundary are islands in the same chain, scoured from granite uplift by the same Cordilleran ice sheet, home for millennia to the same tribal peoples who could not have imagined such a binding separation.