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Soon after the forces cordoned off the forest area, the militants opened fire at them ensuing a gun battle between them.
Because of the severity of the leak, a good chunk of the town centre had to be cordoned off.
30PM: The cordon is relaxed to allow traffic past the police station, though the station remains cordoned off and the West Road is still shut between Wingrove Road and Hampstead Road while bomb disposal teams check out the house.
Of about 150 that have been inspected, two schools have widespread problems and an additional 10 have had areas cordoned off at some time during the last week.
The troops have cordoned off over a dozen villages of the districts including Keller, Qasbayar, Batpora, Gulabteng, Maspora, Bamnoo, Mirpora, Kellar, Check, Nadepora.
The area has been cordoned off as a precautionary measure.
The man was arrested following an assault which saw a large area of Marton Road cordoned off by police on Saturday.
Last night 3 terrorists were killed while fleeing from the cordoned off area in Miranshah.
Cathy Tennant, of West Orchards, said: "When we were doing our usual morning checks, it was noticed that a pane of glass had slipped slightly so we cordoned off the area and called out our glaziers.
We organised the operation in such a manner that we cordoned the area in two cordons outer and inner.
Police cordoned off the tunnel near Archdeacon John Lewis Primary School, Bridgend, at about 4.
PARTS of Coventry city centre were cordoned off this afternoon after what was believed to be an unexploded World War II bomb was unearthed.