core frame

buck frame, core frame

A wood frame which is built into a partition, constructed on wood studs, to receive a door lining; a subframe.
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Hence we ask: which coalitions construct and draw upon the core frame and position dominating the debate on biofuels?
Thus, the frame economic implications and opportunities forms the core frame within the debate.
The structure reveals the core frame and functional parts of the car, much as would be more customary for a bike, and is similarly compact.
Columns 1 and 2 show the frequency of each core frame and the percent framed as problematic for the expansionary and recessionary periods.
The most apparent conclusion about framing is that journalists do indeed engage in frame changing and core frame changing over time, a behavior we presume reflects both their attempts to maintain issue salience and the evolving nature of public understanding of the issue of worker displacement over time.
The signature matrix enables an analyst to capture and portray the defining ideas of a core frame, as well as reasons used to justify the position represented by a flame (e.g., causal influences, effects, and moral arguments for collective social action).
In addition to measureable academic achievement, preparation for post-secondary destinations is the only other common core frame in the administrators' discourse on student learning that they linked to government policies and initiatives.
The edges of the fabric should protrude halfway into the core frame while a pin is employed to hold the fabric in place during closing of the box.
NEW YORK-Retailers were seeking to strengthen their core frame assortments and add some fashion looks at last month's National Stationery Show here, according to manufacturers.
There were less core frames out there," said Liz Robertson, product manager at Melannco.
Tandycrafts will narrow its focus to Pinnacle, its core frames and wall decor division.