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short, thickened underground stem, usually covered with papery leaves. A corm grows vertically, producing buds at the upper nodes and roots from the lower surface. Corms serve as organs of food storage and in some plants (e.g., crocus and gladiolus) of asexual reproduction; they are often mistakenly called bulbs.
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an underground shoot of a plant with an exterior that resembles a bulb (it is often called a bulb); however, its structure is similar to that of a tuber. The scaly leaves are dry and membranous. The nutritive reserve is stored in the pulpy stem. Corms are found in several plants, including crocuses, gladioli, and saffrons.

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A short, erect, fleshy underground stem, usually broader than high and covered with membranous scales.
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Botany an organ of vegetative reproduction in plants such as the crocus, consisting of a globular stem base swollen with food and surrounded by papery scale leaves
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