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short, thickened underground stem, usually covered with papery leaves. A corm grows vertically, producing buds at the upper nodes and roots from the lower surface. Corms serve as organs of food storage and in some plants (e.g., crocus and gladiolus) of asexual reproduction; they are often mistakenly called bulbs.



an underground shoot of a plant with an exterior that resembles a bulb (it is often called a bulb); however, its structure is similar to that of a tuber. The scaly leaves are dry and membranous. The nutritive reserve is stored in the pulpy stem. Corms are found in several plants, including crocuses, gladioli, and saffrons.


A short, erect, fleshy underground stem, usually broader than high and covered with membranous scales.


Botany an organ of vegetative reproduction in plants such as the crocus, consisting of a globular stem base swollen with food and surrounded by papery scale leaves
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Mice and voles love to snack on saffron corms, and rabbits eagerly nibble the leaves to the ground.
Put it this way: you'd do well to figure out what was going on with a given set of events, but Corm would have thought the next point beyond that, and the one after, and several more still, like knowledge didn't come to him sequentially, hut rather in a massive superimposition of facts, truths, and suppositions that were almost invariably correct.
If your area has burrowing rodents like gophers, consider making a "cage" out of chicken wire and bury that in the ground, filling with dirt, and planting corms within the cage.
The species is grown mainly for its edible fleshy tubers called corms or cormels, while the leaves are consumed as green vegetables (Aregheore and Perera, 2003).
Between row spacing had affected total yield, biomass, bulb yield, neck diameter, cormlet weight, corm ash, total phenol and flavonoids content significantly (Table 2-4).
Allowing viewers an insight into his working process, it reveals the careful pencil sketch outlining the figure of a man, around which Corm has started to fill in the canvas with rough strokes of brown and black paint.
The saffron is a sterile geophyte that produces annual renewal corms and is propagated only by them [32].
Corm argues that the main geopolitical and historical roots of the idea of a divide existing between the Middle East and the West did not originate in the clashes of religious and cultural differences as argued by Samuel Huntington, but came rather from the historical traumas they suffered.
The aim of the study is to explore the possibility of saffron production under greenhouse condition and determining the effect of the mother corm dimension on yield and on harvest period.
Corm Blades reportedly attain results in a shorter time with less heat generated.