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corncrib, corn house

A structure used for storing unhusked ears of corn; designed to provide adequate air circulation to ensure that freshly picked corn dries more or less uniformly during storage, so as to minimize spoilage. Found in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, but most often the sides slope inwardly so that the area is smaller at the bottom of the crib than at the top. Also called a corn loft.
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The metal corncrib, for instance, is outfitted with a self-cleaning, sloped bottom--and brakes, stop and turn lights.
Deborah Barker argues that it is "symbolic that Temple's scene of degradation occurs at the hands of the white bootlegger/gangster in a corncrib and with a corncob--the abject remains of the main ingredient in moonshine whiskey" (150).
Each summer, our neighbors used their empty corncrib to house broilers.
When Trigger attacks Temple in the corncrib, the scene again fades to black, and we hear her scream.
I went tothe barn, the corncrib, and looked under the porch.
They were led to the water tank next to the corncrib and turned out to pasture.
I sat for hours, no, days, in my old-fashioned slat-sided corncrib,
Covering the walls, floor and ceiling of a restored corncrib on his Aledo, Illinois, farm, the treasures speak more of a deep affection for the past than they do of great rarity or monetary value.
Two years ago we sold a small farm with a house, barn, henhouse, grain shed, corncrib, workshop and other outbuildings.
The recommended size for a small corncrib was 4 feet across the bottom with sides about 6 feet high and tapering outward to a width at the top of 6 feet.
The raccoons enjoy a shady spot by the creek, secure in a 5' x 10' x 6' corncrib wire cage.
One of my early memories is of my dad in the corncrib with a cold chisel and a big hammer cutting off the roadster from just back of the top bows to over the fenders, down to the sub-frame back of the fenders.