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A plastic operation on the cornea, especially the transplantation of a portion of the cornea.



an operation involving corneal grafting.

It is performed when there are persistent opacities (leukomas) of the cornea that cause a severe decrease in vision, in order to partially or completely restore vision. Sometimes keratoplasty is resorted to also for cosmetic reasons. In keratoplasty the altered cornea is excised and in its place a disk of similar shape and size is grafted that is taken from the cornea of a person whose eye was removed for other reasons.

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A review of the Corneal Graft Rejection products under development by companies and universities/research institutes based on information derived from company and industry-specific sources.
Data indicates potential opportunity for VGX-100 as a therapeutic for major unmet clinical need of improving corneal graft survival.
These interim results (of a phase II study) suggest GS101 eye drops to be an effective and safe approach to specifically inhibit and regress active corneal neovascularization, a major risk factor for corneal graft rejection", indicated Professor Claus Cursiefen, of the Department of Ophthalmology, Friedrich Alexander University, in Germany.
The second session and the afternoon were dedicated to the indications and visual applications of scleral lenses, which include keratoconus and other corneal ectasias, post corneal graft, ocular surface disease and eyelid defects.
Now I have to choose whether or not to have another corneal graft.
GS-101 Being Evaluated in Phase III to Prevent Corneal Graft Rejection
Fourteen years of research and four years of extensive clinical trials internationally have confirmed that the AlphaCor artificial cornea has the ability to improve sight substantially in patients considered at high risk for corneal graft failure," said Dr.
The patients were also told there is only one case of CJD being passed on to a recipient of a corneal graft - in America in the 1970's.
The collaboration will significantly bolster the development of the following gene therapy products: StarGen[TM] for the treatment of Stargardt disease, a form of early-onset macular degeneration; UshStat[TM] for the treatment of Usher syndrome, the leading cause of deaf-blindness; RetinoStat([R]) for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause vision loss in people 55 and older in developed countries; and EncorStat[TM] for corneal graft rejection.
Topical cyclosporin A indications include among others, prevention of corneal graft rejection, ocular surface inflammatory diseases with an autoimmune component such as Sjoegren disease, vernal conjunctivitis, and peripheral ocular rheumatoid ulceration.
Stephen Armitage, who had a corneal graft to save his sight, has set up a support and advice group.