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The increase in cornelian cherry juice content burger batter caused no change in the values of the [L.sup.*] parameter (brightness) in burgers (Figure 1).
Table1: Concentrations of some nutrients in fresh and dried cornelian cherry fruit (CCF), according to Craita-
How would I describe the taste of cornelian cherry preserve in the recipe on Page 104?
To find out anti-/prooxidative properties of cornelian cherry in brain tissue and plasma, in our research model standard, fructose and high-fat diet enriched with freeze-dried fruit of cornelian cherry were used (Table 1).
Often Arnold Promise passes the yellow-flowered torch to Cornus mas, the Cornelian Cherry, which blooms in early April.
Should the witch hazel and the Cornelian cherry be underplanted with spring flowering bulbs that are in bloom at the same time?
Somewhat confusing is its common name - Cornelian cherry -- perhaps owing to the small red fruit so loved by birds.
Because temperatures are cool, the flowers persist for a month or more before the Cornelian cherry tree bursts in bloom.
Included are all the species and cultivars of witch hazel except the fall flowering common witch hazel, hamamelis Virginiana, and the cornelian cherry (cornus mas), all of the forsythias, the close relative of forsythia abeliophyllum often called "the white flowered forsythia," spicebush, honeysuckles that have already bloomed and the shrub quinces.
Before "Arnold Promise" completes its springtime show, Cornus mas, the Cornelian Cherry, covers this dense, rounded, upright to 15 feet high and wide tree with tiny yellow flowers in great abundance.
The Cornelian cherry, Cornus mas, is a true dogwood in spite of its common name.