corner guard

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corner bead, angle bead, angle staff, corner guard, corner molding, plaster bead, staff bead

corner bead, 2
1. Any vertical molding, usually a plain, filleted, or quirked bead, used to protect the external angle of two intersecting surfaces.
2. A strip of formed galvanized iron, sometimes combined with a strip of metal lath, placed on corners before plastering to reinforce them.
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Trim corners with corner guard, which must be notched to fit around rafters.
BioClad's BioArmis antimicrobial wall protection sheets will also be stocked, alongside a full range of accessories including high-impact resistant corner guards, two component low VOC polyurethane adhesives and edge trims.
Low, sharp-edged walls, and even the corners of your house or shed, can be covered with rubber or foam corner guards to buffer any stumbling tots.
It had too many raised and unprotected external features: hinges, handles, corner guards and the data logger, all targets for damage in the small parcel or LTL distribution environment.
At the Gulf Industry Fair, it highlighted the BPS range it has been marketing and which includes corner guards, wheel stoppers, wall guards, speed humps, cable protectors, delineators, convex mirrors and parking locks.
Among the many applications for extruded polycarbonate are electrical components, automotive parts, trim parts, corner guards, housings, fairings, frames, equipment housings, marine goods, cable raceways, sporting goods and outdoor lighting equipment.
It can also be postformed, thermoformed and machined using conventional tools to produce corner guards, crash rails, base mouldings, profile mouldings, self-supporting panels and other parts.
Korogard products include Korowood[TM] solid wood rails, Bellagard[R] handrails, lean rails, chair rails, sculpted panels, corner guards, Traffic Patterns[R] and Traffic Weave[TM] protective quality wallcoverings, and high-impact plastic linear profiles for handrails, crash rails, corner guards, bumper guards, and exclusive custom thermoformed products.
Since neurologic disorders may lead to visual impairment, our team provided way finding for the residents through use of bold floor patterns and borders in corridors, as well as contrasting colors on door frames, doors, corner guards, wainscoting, and chair rails.
Buy corner guards to cover the sharp edges of furniture.
Cosmetic features include a brandy ultra-suede label, corner guards and a pillow sham.