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The Star of the Congo mine near Lubumbashi, in particular, (famous among mineralogists for its abundant cornetite) became a popular recreational lake.
Terry Szenics, for whom szenicsite is named, displayed some wonderful copper minerals from the Atacama Desert region including very attractive crystallized chrysocolla with quartz, choice azurite and cornetite. Still another exhibit of rarities from the Andes region was put in by Dr.
Next to the cobaltoan dolomites was a green carpet of sparkling malachite specimens, and then came a blue swath of bubbly chrysocolla and cornetite from the nearby Etoile mine.
The chemistry of formation of chrysocolla, -Cu[H.sub.2]Si[O.sub.4][center dot][H.sub.2]O, pseudomalachite, libethenite, [Cu.sub.2]P[O.sub.4]OH, and cornetite, [Cu.sub.3]P[O.sub.4][(OH).sub.3], has been described (Williams, 1990, 1996) and can be related to general weathering processes and reported mineral assemblages.