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in botany. The name corn is given to the leading cereal crop of any major region. In England corn means wheat; in Scotland and Ireland, oats. The grain called corn in the United States is Indian corn or maize (Zea mays mays).
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Corn/maize shoots can be eaten when they resemble large blades of grass that taste like sweet corn. Young maize shoots look like yellow grass and accumulate a powerful antibiotic substance called DIMBOA, a natural defense against pathogenic bacteria and fungus. Corn does not contain the gluten that causes celiac disease. The whole baby corn in husk may also be eaten, silk and all. Corn/maize kernels are very high in starch, which turns into sugar in the body. The really healthy part of the plant is the cornsilk (see Cornsilk)
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Zea mays. Indian corn, a tall cereal grass characterized by large ears.
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a. a tall annual grass, Zea mays, cultivated for its yellow edible grains, which develop on a spike
b. the grain of this plant, used for food, fodder, and as a source of oil
2. a yellow colour
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