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Most dogwood fruits are super bitter and not edible, but one palatable species is called Cornelian Cherry (available from The root-bark tea from normal Dogwoods used historically as an astringent (stops bleeding), pain-reducing anti-inflammatory, laxative, cough suppressant for malaria, fever, uterine problems and diarrhea. Twigs are chewed to clean and whiten teeth.
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Anahtar Kelimeler: Polen morfolojisi, Cornus mas, Cornus sanguinea
Cornus alba will tolerate wet or dry conditions but if you have really wet ground, the North American species Cornus stolonifera revels in damp conditions.
Alan McCabe, trainer of Cornus "He is a horse who can get himself into trouble in his races and he didn't have a hard race at Newmarket on Saturday.
Characterization, quantification, and bioactivities of anthocyanins in Cornus species.
Cornus alba "Spaethii" and Cornus alba "Variegata" have golden variegated, and silver edged leaves, respectively.
Clockwise | from top left: Cornus sanguinea 'Midwinter Fire'; silver birch; arbutus unedo and acer griseum Main pic: Jonathan Buckley
Cornus alba is a great red-bark variety, its new stems produced each spring forming a thicket which spreads each year.
The one that holds sway at the moment is Cornus controversa Variegata, with spreading tiers of growth lit by its glorious cream and green variegated leaves.
Cornus sibirica Westonbirt has vivid red stems, while Midwinter Fire has orange stems.
CORNUS bids for a 16-day hat-trick today, after going more a year without getting his head in front.
Brother to our native dogwood tree, Cornus mas covers every branch and twig with small yellow flowers.
The dogwoods with their flame-coloured stems, such as cornus sanguinea winter beauty, cornus alba aurea or cornus alba siberica - thought to come from Siberia - must be tough.