Frontal Plane

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frontal plane

[¦frənt·əl ¦plān]
Any plane parallel with the long axis of the body and perpendicular to the sagittal plane.
In electrocardiography and vectorcardiography, the projection of the vertical axis.
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Frontal Plane


a term used in animal and human anatomy to designate an imaginary plane that runs through the body parallel to the surface of the frons (forehead) and perpendicular to the sagittal and transverse planes. In animals the frontal plane passes horizontally along the body (when there is a horizontally extended head); in man it passes vertically, for example, through both hip joints. The frontal plane divides the body into front and back parts.

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The different spontaneous passage rates obtained from the axial and coronal plane measurements suggest that stone area may also have an effect.
According to our experience in patients with pars tensa cholesteatoma, a slight medial attic expansion may be easily underestimated in the coronal plane. Therefore, we recommend that the axial plane evaluation in these patients should be always made.
When inserting the IM rod from the recommended point, the potential angle error in males was 0.93[degrees] [+ or -] 0.24[degrees] (range, 0.44,-1.45[degrees]) in the coronal plane and 1.40[degrees] [+ or -] 0.42[degrees] (range, 1.11-2.43[degrees]) in the sagittal plane.
Coronal plane trunk ROM during over ground walking increased for 3 subjects (P02, P08, P11) while wearing the NU-FlexSIV Socket (differences: 0.93[degrees], 1.08[degrees], 3.75[degrees], respectively) (Figure 2), however, the increase was only greater than the MDC of 1.14[degrees] (23) for P11.
Caption: Figure 5: A coronal plane section of the model coated with HA coating
As shown in Figure 3, under the ON condition, markers placed at C7 and T2 during the left-to-right bending showed an increase in ROM in all of the three axes; such increase was statistically significant in the coronal plane.
Contrast-enhanced CT scan shows a well-circumscribed and heterogeneously enhanced tumor of the ovary ((a) coronal plane) and wall thickening of the ascending colon with enhancement (arrow; (b) axial plane).
(c) Coronal plane. L5, fifth lumbar vertebral body; Line (blue), position of coronal plane; Line (orange), position of sagittal plane; Line (purple), position of axial plane; S, sacral ala.
* Measurement: Finally, the data are analyzed by automatically extracting a set of measurements, including the residuum volume and profiles of its cross-sectional area and projected widths in the sagittal and coronal planes, along the vertical axis.
Now, with the advent of 3D transvaginal ultrasonography and the ability to construct a coronal plane, some IUDs, which appear to be totally normal on 2D sonography, actually show an arm that pierces the myometrium or protrudes into the cervix (FIGURES 1B, 2B, AND 3B, page 44).
The angle of femoral neck anteversion was determined by measuring the angle between the long axis of the neck of femur in horizontal plane and the transverse retrocondylar line taken as the plane of the axis of shaft of femur in coronal plane.
Consequently, 200 lines in the coronal plane (C-scan) can be obtained in 400 ms.