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1. a noncommissioned officer junior to a sergeant in the army, air force, or marines
2. (in the Royal Navy) a petty officer who assists the master-at-arms


2, corporale
a white linen cloth on which the bread and wine are placed during the Eucharist



military rank of noncommissioned officers in various foreign armies (the US, Great Britain, France, Italy, and others). In the Russian Army, the rank of corporal is referred to as early as 1647; it was officially introduced by the Military Regulations of Peter I. In the first half of the 19th century it was replaced by the military rank of noncommissioned officer.

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Government should, besides legislation, also launch a campaign against corporal punishment, she said.
Desta forma, o objetivo do estudo foi avaliar a insatisfacao corporal de homens e mulheres praticantes de musculacao de uma academia na cidade de Sao Jose-SC.
O corpo idealizado, constantemente, ditado por fatores sociais, influencias socioculturais e pressoes da midia, interfere na satisfacao das pessoas em sua percepcao corporal. Essa idealizacao se remete a uma aparencia jovem, perfeita, esqueletica ou musculosa.
Sousa (2013) em um estudo sobre a imagem corporal de mulheres praticantes de musculacao, cujo objetivo foi verificar a percepcao da satisfacao da imagem corporal em mulheres adultas praticantes de musculacao em uma academia de Florianopolis em Santa Catarina, identificou uma prevalencia de 48,1% de mulheres insatisfeitas com sua imagem corporal, sendo que a maioria das que se mostraram com insatisfacao tambem apresentaram elevado Indice de Massa Corporal.
The researchers found that the associations between corporal punishment and youth violence remained, even after taking potential confounders were taken into account such as per capita income, murder rates and parent education programmes to prevent child maltreatment.
In addition she stressed , I can raise public awareness, especially among parents and teachers about the consequences of corporal punishments.
Outro aspecto relacionado com a composicao corporal e o fato de muitos adolescentes estarem adotando um estilo de vida mais sedentario e/ou com maior ingestao de alimentos caloricos (12).
Last year, Joy Wangari, a class 3 Mukandamia Primary School pupil, died after sustaining injuries from corporal punishment.
In 1977, the Supreme Court upheld corporal punishment in schools, ruling in Ingraham v.
La Expresion Corporal es una disciplina considerada imprescindible en la formacion gestual y de movimiento del actor/actriz, y como tal esta integrada en el curriculo de los estudios de Arte Dramatico en Espana.
Zimbabwe's High Court banned corporal punishment after a parent filed a complaint about a teacher beating her child, according to media ( reports  Thursday.

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