corps de ballet

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corps de ballet

the members of a ballet company who dance together in a group

Corps de Ballet


in opera and ballet, a company of male and female dancers who perform dances in small or large groups, a kind of “chorus of ballet.” In developing mass scenes, Soviet ballet has imparted new meaning and strength to the role of the corps de ballet.

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Soloists and Principal dancers tended to have shorter rest breaks than did first artists and corps de ballet dancers.
The sight of the numerous members of the corps de ballet in white, dancing in unison, retains its power to impress, and the national dances were lively enough.
At its eighth annual conference in July, CORPS de Ballet International honored Bene Arnold for lifetime achievement in dance education.
A lot of dancers who are in companies as corps de ballet and soloists are fantastic, but for whatever reason, haven't been promoted yet or given that type of respect," Fox says.
Although entering ABT in the corps de ballet, he very soon became a soloist.
Brazilian-born Carlo Korbes thrilled New York City Ballet audiences when she leaped into the spotlight soon after joining the company's corps de ballet in 2000.
Making one last check in the mirror for makeup and hair, Ashley Merrill-Lynch moves with the other corps de ballet members to the stage wings.
Although she joined Miami's corps de ballet just last year, she has already been singled out to dance solo roles.
The two pas de deux, among Martins' best, develop emotionally from the intricacies and pacing of the choreography, complementing the exuberant dancing of the male corps de ballet.
The corps de ballet is to a dance troupe as the spine is to the body: It provides framework, support, context, and aesthetic form.
In June, The CORPS de Ballet International--an organization dedicated to advancing the cause of ballet in higher education--presented him with its Lifetime Achievement Award.
Cleopatra Williams, a corps de ballet member of Houston Ballet, says that her generation is reaping the benefits of battles fought before.

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