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What does it mean when you dream about correspondence?

To receive much correspondence in a dream may represent an overdue letter or communication that one is expecting. To be writing in a dream may indicate that the dreamer needs to send a letter to someone.

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When two formations have been deposited in two regions during nearly, but not exactly the same period, we should find in both, from the causes explained in the foregoing paragraphs, the same general succession in the forms of life; but the species would not exactly correspond; for there will have been a little more time in the one region than in the other for modification, extinction, and immigration.
"Everything I see in him corresponds to his pamphlet on Biblical Cosmology."
Never during the 11 centuries prior to that was the Sun nearly as active." They pointed out that periods of high solar activity corresponded with periods of warmth on Earth and that periods of low solar activity likewise correspond with periods of wet, cool weather.
it is hardly surprising to find that the proportions of the human body correspond with the mathematical proportions of the planetary orbits ...
The aim of the present work is to show how it is possible to justify such an intensity distribution in a qualitative way, by supposing that positions of discrete terms do not correspond to absorption maxima, but to points located along the steep parts of the curve, which are therefore slightly shifted with respect to the former.
To avoid that problem, Alice and Bob should choose their code so that the points that correspond to words are far apart.
The sharing arrangement may or may not correspond to the partners' overall economic arrangement.
Groups of mice are sacrificed at three time points--two of which correspond to critical periods of human central nervous system development--and their brains and spinal cords are analyzed.
These two sets of basic chromosome numbers correspond to the chromosome numbers in these two horticultural classes.
Moreover, at the center of the configuration is a second dyad (education, learning) that seems to correspond to the individual-center `open, expressive' dimension.
The estimated characteristic sizes of the neutron wave functions in two lowest quantum states correspond to their expectations with an accuracy of [approximately equal to]25 %.
Once there is at least a framework for classifying data and the different resources that correspond to the tiers, the possibility for real payoff is there.