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What does it mean when you dream about correspondence?

To receive much correspondence in a dream may represent an overdue letter or communication that one is expecting. To be writing in a dream may indicate that the dreamer needs to send a letter to someone.

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These 20th-century developments inform our study and celebration of pneumatological correspondency and/or convergence in EG, TTL, and CTC, because the converging missiological-pneumatological clarity in the three texts depends, ecumenically and academically, on the churches' mutual reception and dialogue.
Aforeign correspondency is probably the job most journalists dream of.
He worked his way to a distinguished staff position at Time in the usual way of war correspondency: by beginning to establish a reputation freelancing for newspapers like the Christian Science Monitor that couldn't yet afford a full staff of reporters in Vietnam, then working for the wires--United Press International, and then Reuters.
We find what we have discovered inside us actually outside us; and it is the function of the "Fine Arts," writes Coleridge in "On Poesy and Art" (1818), "to make the external internal, the internal external, to make nature thought, and thought nature" in what he elsewhere calls a "correspondency" that has been foreordained by God (Shawcross 258).