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Commerce a person or firm that has regular business relations with another, esp one in a different part of the country or abroad



(1) Professional journalist who holds a staff position on a publication (a newspaper’s own correspon-dent), or who carries out special assignments of the editorial board (special correspondent), or who specializes in a given field of journalism (for example, a newspaper or magazine photographer).

(2) A contributor to a publication who does not hold a staff position but regularly does some work for one of the media of mass information or propaganda (worker or village correspon-dent, military correspondent, youth correspondent).

(3) The editorial board of a newspaper, radio station, or television station, contributing to another organ of mass information or propaganda (collective correspondent).

References in classic literature ?
"Sir, my right-hand correspondent redoubles his signals; he is impatient."
"No, you will lose it, for you are going to alter your correspondent's message."
"Do this, and you will have nectarines and all the rest." The shot told; red with fever, while the large drops fell from his brow, the man executed, one after the other, the three signs given by the count, in spite of the frightful contortions of the right-hand correspondent, who, not understanding the change, began to think the gardener had gone mad.
Has she told me everything that correspondent of hers has found out?"
My correspondent was as familiar with Haldin's personal appearance as with your own," the woman affirmed decisively.
The "victim of remorse" had been buried several weeks before her correspondent began frequenting the house.
Three separate extracts from letters written by three different correspondents were selected to be read in Court.
Here, so far as the newspaper correspondent was aware, the affair rested for the present.
Geoffrey Delamayn, whose fair fame had been assailed (it was needless, the correspondent added in parenthesis, to say how groundlessly), was understood to have expressed, not only the indignation natural under the circumstances but also his extreme regret at not finding himself in a position to aid Captain Newenden's efforts to bring the anonymous slanderer to justice.
I try to answer every letter of my young correspondents; yet sometimes there are so many letters that a little time must pass before you get your answer.
In the ease of Turlington's house, the foreign merchants had drawn their bills on him for sums large in the aggregate, if not large in themselves; had long since turned those bills into cash in their own markets, for their own necessities; and had now left the money which their paper represented to be paid by their London correspondents as it fell due.
"Being a Cadet Correspondent has provided me an opportunity to turn my passion for photography into something that I can use to promote the Cadet Program and showcase what makes us such a unique youth program," says Flight Sergeant Keon Santos of 655 RCACS in Richmond, B.C.