corrugated tubing

flexible seamless tubing

flexible seamless tubing
A flexible metal tubing made from seamless, welded, or soldered tubing; commonly made from steel, bronze, stainless steel, and a variety of alloys; not susceptible to leakage; esp. used for gases under pressure and volatile gases; sometimes enclosed within a flexible braid.
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Braided sprinkler hoses are designed with an external stainless steel wire woven sleeve providing the necessary strength to withstand internal forces from system pressures, while the corrugated tubing underneath is able to remain relatively unaffected and flexible.
Standout scenes include the shorning of Hetty's hair (an effect achieved with a lot of shredded orange tissue) and her encounter with a circus elephant that's cunningly depicted with a length of corrugated tubing and a couple of fans.
Made of stainless-steel corrugated tubing, they are laid into channels milled into the surface of a mold plate.
There was the patient with a trach collar around her neck, about four feet of corrugated tubing and a PHN attached to an oxygen concentrator set at just over 5 rpm.
Beefy corrugated tubing won't get kinked or crushed and is well worth the extra few bucks you'll pay for it.
Now you can protect the control grip cable with a kit, NSN 5999-01-5780840, that brings together two lengths of corrugated tubing. The kit's directions show how to slip the tubing over the cable to shield and protect it.
For just a few dollars ($0.65/ft), that wire octopus behind the computer can be easily gathered and shielded with's split wire loom - flexible and durable corrugated tubing with a slit down the side allowing for easy insertion of a multi-cable bundle.
Texloc is a maker of industrial convoluted and corrugated tubing, high purity polytetraflouroethylene (PTFE) tubing for general industrial purposes and PTFE capillary tubing for instrumentation and medical devices.
Corrugated tubing is available for applications requiring routing flexibility, while smooth tubing offers greater economy.
Tex-Flex FEP corrugated tubing is a flexible FEP tubing capable of turning sharp comers with very small bend diameters without reducing the inside diameter of the tube.
For maximum versatility of application, the system also allows multiple spillout options, including a three-sided trumpet for open access, inner duct transition to corrugated tubing, or transition to Panduit Fiber-Duct 4 x 4 or 2 x 2 slotted ducts.