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Line E: In the same direction as line C, the distance was established between the most posterior and most anterior point of the buccal cortical bone.
Lowest stresses in cortical bone were found with zirconia implant with diameter of 6.
It has also been documented that an excessive insertion torque can be encountered when the implant finds resistance to advancement in an under prepared osteotomy and adjacent to dense poorly vascularized mandibular cortical bone.
Specifically, the Equinoxe baseplate had the most cortical bone surface contact, the most cancellous bone surface contact, and the most overall glenoid bone surface contact (383.
In case of the cortical bone the apparent density and material density are the same as there is no marrow space in compact bone [14].
For cortical bone imaging, a newer area of research, two 2008 studies using hr-pQCT showed substantial differences between postmenopausal women with hip or wrist fractures, compared with fracture-free women, said Dr.
Static compression tests of bovine cortical bone (plexiform bone) were carried out in air at room temperature.
yunnanensis, prevented the decrease of bone mass induced by OVX, especially in cortical bone, and strengthened the bone strengths in three directions through inhibition of bone resorption, without side effect on uterine weight.
Trabecular bone has a larger surface area and a greater volume of blood delivered per unit of time compared to cortical bone.
CORTOSS is a high-strength, biocompatible, bone-bonding, self-setting composite engineered to mimic the characteristics of the human body's hard, weight-bearing cortical bone.
Loss of cortical bone took place at a much slower rate and was similar between the two groups of women.