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El galpon fue dotado de tres capas de cortinas para disminuir las perdidas de calor del galpon al exterior una resistencia termica de 0.
Richard Meaden immediately stormed into the lead over the opening stint, pursued at a distance by Jackie Oliver's BMW, Mark Sumpter's Lotus Cortina and Neal, who had gained an astonishing 10 positions in barely the blink of an eye.
The Cortina estate soon became available with the option of simulated wood side and tailgate trim.
This made the Cortina cheaper, faster and more economical than anything in its class.
Rheinisch Bergische Druckerei Managing Director and Rheinische Post Vice President Matthias Tietz attributed interest in the Cortina to its high levels of automation, standardization and flexibility (including a possible heatset retrofit), its ergonomic design and environmental benefits.
I tend not to get star struck and just think of it as me driving in an old Cortina.
Ron Birch of Denbigh with his pride and joy, the 1968 Ford Cortina Picture: ROBERT PARRY JONES rj240807Birch-1.
Asimismo, se realizaron dos cortinas de prueba en cada margen para valorar la inyectabilidad del macizo y diversos ensayos de laboratorio y de campo dirigidos al estudio de diferentes mezclas de lechada considerando ademas aditivos.
Cortinas seems to be describing not the hip-hop arts movement but the commercial rap music industry.
When originally planned, Ford thought it could sell at least 100,000 Cortinas every year - yet more than 260,000 Cortinas with their trademark bodyside flutes and ``ban the bomb'' badge-style rear lamps, were sold in the first full sales year, 1963.
Atras habia dejado a sus padres, Antonio y Armandina Cortinas, residentes de Houston, a su esposa Anna y a su yerno Pedro Delein.
At the San Juan and Las Cortinas prospects a second phase significantly expanded geophysics program will begin in mid-March following up the recently completed successful first phase program.