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Sulfide minerals in the quartz veins are much more varied than in replacement ores; pyrite masses in the former contain up to 2% arsenopyrite and trace to minor amounts of galena, sphalerite, scheelite, pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite, cosalite and bismuthinite.
One is composed of a large druse with embedded quartz crystals and needlelike voids, probably representing dissolved cosalite; another appears crystalline; several others have smooth, flattened and rounded shapes (Fig.
(1975), on the discovery of cosalite; Mirjan Zorz (1991) and Vladimir Bermanec et al.
Cosalite crystals from Trepca are rare but very beautiful.
(1974) Macroscopic cosalite crytals from the Pb-Zn ore deposit Trepca (Yugoslavia).
Other less attractive but interesting species include bismuth minerals (native bismuth, bismuthinite, cosalite, bismutite), tungsten minerals (scheelite, ferberite) and several borates including ludwigite in large, radiated masses, inderite, szaibelyite and canavesite-a species described in 1978 for which Brosso is the type and, so far, only locality.
Locally, associated sulphosalt minerals are: galenobismutite, cosalite, members of the bismuthinite-aikinite series (krupkaite-lindstromite range and gladite-hammarite range), argentian lillianite, Se-free junoite and members of the pavonite homolgous series.
Cosalite, like boulangerite, is found as inclusions in quartz crystals, in tangled bundles of acicular crystals commonly intergrown with small, equant crystals of bismuthian galena, as well as with anatase, apatite and chlorite.
The minerals which most commonly form inclusions within the quartz crystals or overgrowths on their faces are chlorite, muscovite (sericitic), rutile, brookite, anatase, calcite, titanite, epidote, ilmenite, pyrite, cosalite, boulangerite and ancylite-(Ce).
Xenotime-(Y) forms brownish yellow, prismatic crystals to 1 mm associated with anatase, ancylite-(Ce), brookite, cosalite, calcite and other minerals.
Alabandite (*)Apatite Argentite (*)Arsenopyrite (*)Barite Bornite Canfieldite Cassiterite Chalcocite/digenite Cosalite Emplectite Hessite Hocartite (*)Hubnerite Lillianite Native silver Natrolite Polybasite Pyrargyrite (*)Pyrrhotite) Rhodochrosite Rhodonite (*)Scheelite Stannite Stephanite Tungstenite Wittichenite (*)Wurtzite
Cosalite (?) has been tentatively identified by one of us (JAC) in one specimen attributed to Julcani.