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Among the cosmetics products, Korea dominates the color cosmetics market," a KOTRA official said.
There is a flood of suppliers in cosmetic chemicals which results in a fragmented market.
Science World invited one leader from the cosmetics industry and one from a cosmetics-safety advocacy group to debate the issue.
They are always finding new twists on ingredients and adding them to products," says Horowitz about the cosmetics and chemical industry.
Bailey, director of FDA's Office of Colors and Cosmetics, "The term hypoallergenic can mean almost anything to anybody," and the same is true for the other terms.
Although most of the heaviest user group of cosmetics falls into the 18- to 40-year-old female demographic, Bidinger explains that local cosmetics marketing experts prefer to look at the Japanese audience in terms of lifestyle.
Mandom Corp, the top manufacturer of men's cosmetics in Osaka, is scheduled to market face-caring products in August, anticipating that demand for them will grow in the future.
As a way to promote traffic to the cosmetics area, we opened up two large passageways with wide aisles that direct customers to this department before they walk through the rest of the store," says Fidel Miro, design director, HDI.
The authors of Beauty Secrets read cosmetic labels both online and in drug stores.
She even includes a section on men and cosmetics, concluding that men were pretty much impervious to them until recently.
Here's a look at how the "new" Scorim can enhance both part strength and cosmetics.