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Equation (35) describes the inflaton density with w = [rho]/p = 1 and a cosmological term varying with the speed [a.sup.-3].
Consider now the FLRW metric with a positive cosmological term and homogeneous density - that is to say the [LAMBDA]CDM model.
The cosmological term then becomes a ratio of photons to photon holes.
For a homogeneous, isotropic, and flat universe (k = 0) there are two independent Friedmann equations with the cosmological term [LAMBDA]:
This lends support to the fact that only a 4th rank tensor theory can strictly describe a metric with a variable cosmological term. Therefore, after interchanging [alpha] with [beta], we find:
Recently, embedding general relativity with varying cosmological term in five-dimensional BDT of gravity in vacuum has been discussed by Reyes & Aguilar [26].
In addition, it implies a non zero cosmological term and a constant scalar curvature, therefore it doesnot admit a Hubble expansion in the whole, which tends to contradict all current observations.
* We then include a variable term that supersedes the socalled cosmological term Kgah in the field equations, still complying with the conservation property of the Einstein tensor density in GR;
Some Exact Solutions of the Friedmann Equations with the Cosmological Term. Soviet Astronomy, 1976, v.
Next making use of a max quantum cosmic cosmological term (lambda) we obtained the mass of the universe, which now appears quantized in the units of cosmic [[??].sub.g].
In the first one we used an exponential cosmological term, for the second one we considered vanishing cosmological constant.
Its great brightness and protracted visibility is largely a result of its relative proximity in cosmological terms.