cost breakdown

schedule of values

A statement furnished by the contractor to the architect reflecting the portions of the contract sum allotted for the various parts of the work and used as the basis for reviewing the contractor’s applications for progress payments.
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Other crucial aspects pointed in the probiotic ingredients market consist of cost breakdown, pricing, and raw product cost breakdown.
A Freedom of Information request submitted by the BBC asked for a cost breakdown of closing the campus, transporting pupils to other schools and the recommissioning of Maxwelltown High School.
Per water customer, the cost breakdown would amount to a $1.49-per-month increase in water bills for the new water tower, and that's only if there is no loan forgiveness at all, Ziegler said.
You can see the detailed cost breakdown of components in the chart below.
class="MsoNormalWhen you lift the veil on the cost breakdown, you discover that the multinationals controlling the Bt cotton seed get 63 percent of its cost.
Under the cost breakdown, the provincial government would bear 30 percent of the funds and 30 percent arranged through PPP equity and 40 percent loans would be arranged from the banks.
"The discussion on power cost will be highlighted very seriously with cost breakdown to be under scrutiny and what items should be removed to reduce the cost of power," he said.
This includes BofAML's assumption of flattish military/security spending versus 2017 levels and its own calculations for the budgetary impact of the Royal Order, and the estimated cost breakdown of the Royal Order alongside the Bank's assumptions in the table below.
Renfrewshire Council was unable to provide a cost breakdown of dealing with the issue as it comes under street scene and land services budgets.
Sloan said that a cost breakdown for these services was not currently available.