cost of light

lighting cost, cost of light

In lamp evaluation, the cost of light rather than total system cost; commonly expressed as the cost per million lumen-hours; depends on lamp cost, operating energy cost, and lamp replacement cost.
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The cost of light diesel oil was cut down by Rs2.16 per litre.
The cost of light diesel stands at Rs 80.89 after a hike of Rs 5.92 and the kerosene price was Rs 87.70 after a raise of Rs 3.92.
The seminar will address LEDs, lighting terminology, lamp and ballast systems, an introduction to lighting controls, cost of light, photometry, optical control, traditional lighting systems and more.
In Section 3, we discuss the primary empirical trend: that consumption of light varies linearly with the ratio between gross domestic product and cost of light. In Section 4, we extrapolate and aggregate these trends to estimate world consumption of light and associated energy.
The cost of light, sweet crude rose to EUR136.71 a barrel in early trading on New York commoditis.
Warren said not only is the cost of light rail substantially less than the cost of subway construction, but it will reach the riverfront in a superior manner.
The cost of light, sweet crude for December delivery soared to $96.44 a barrel in European electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange - an all-time trading high.
The cost of light, sweet crude for November delivery jumped to nearly EUR85 a barrel - a new high - in trading in New York, building on highs seen last week on the back of disappointing inventory figures.
The just-introduced Value*Light software package is designed to help retailers choose and justify a better lighting solution through a "Cost of Light" analysis program.
This means that the bulk of the cost of light is the cost of electricity to operate the system -- usually 82 to 88 percent of annual costs.
The cost of light diesel is now Rs80.91 per litre after a hike of Rs5.92.
December 3-5: Cooper Lighting is offering "Lighting Fundamentals/Lighting Basics." This workshop includes lighting technologies such as LEDs, lamp and ballast systems, lighting terminology, fixture types, cost of light and an introduction to lighting controls.