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Request for qualifications: preparation of the indirect cost proposal.
If XYZ had an accounting system that accumulated actual costs by CLIN, they could be compared to cost proposal worksheets to identify the cause of the losses.
The submission is normally divided into a technical proposal and a cost proposal.
Protest is denied where the agency's evaluation of proposals was reasonable and consistent with the terms of the solicitation, and where the solicitation provided that the mission capability, proposal risk, and past performance evaluation factors, when combined, were significantly more important than the cost evaluation factor, the agency reasonably selected for award the firm submitting a higher technically rated, higher cost proposal.
As part of their cost proposal, companies were asked to submit an annual per household incentive rate for the achieving diversion rates of 40, 42, 44 and 46+ percent.
They were presented with a final cost proposal from developers Sir Robert McAlpine, which a spokesman said contained "no surprises".
The GAO proposal would also prohibit the auditor from preparing an indirect cost proposal or cost allocation plan when indirect costs recovered by the audited entity are material to the financial statements or subject matter of the audit.
OSHA's cost proposal for all affected industries compliance with the rule is $4.
The federal agencies were concerned that the perception of auditor independence was impaired when the auditor that performed the A-133 audit also prepared the indirect cost proposal," said Conley.
29-30 Government Cost Proposal and Indirect Rate Workshops in Las Vegas, presented by RGFCC.