absorption rate

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absorption rate, initial rate of absorption

The weight of water absorbed when a brick is partially immersed for one minute; usually expressed in grams per minute or ounces per minute.
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A planning committee refusal in this case may cost rate payers PS100,000.
Tenders are invited for provide the agency with the historical information needed to formulate the cost plan allocation and indirect cost rate proposal for fiscal year 2019 and fiscal year 2020.
In effect, the Meralco simulation projects an increase of around P1/KWh on the generation cost rate that will be billed for the period.
There is a functionality to assign a personal billable rate and cost rate to each member in the account.
This reduction implies an increase in the [Medicare part A] cost rate of about 50% by 2090, relative to its current level, solely due to this demographic factor," the trustees noted.
QCC) registered the least sales cost rate at 37 percent whereas the Northern Border Cement Co.
On the basis of so called Hamada relation [Hamada 1972], we can estimate the fund capital cost rate that is financing that organization in case of each of the three strategies in the first variant.
Step One: Calculate the Capacity Cost Rate for the Cost Center.
Currently the IMI-financial rules deviate from the usual FP7 [the EU's Seventh Framework Programme for research] mechanism as they only provide a capped 20% indirect cost rate,' said the letter.
said Tuesday it swung back into the black on a group operating basis in the October-December quarter thanks to an improved cost rate, and sales and administrative cost cuts.
At the discretion of e-Therapeutics, this can be extended to up to 500 patients at the same cost rate.
The Federal Acquisition Regulation councils have issued proposed rule changes that are intended to clarify and streamline the contract closeout procedures and to develop a more detailed description of an adequate final indirect cost rate proposal and supporting information.