cotter key

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cotter pin

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A type of split pin used to safely secure a castle nut or a clevis pin. It is formed by doubling a piece of wire, semicircular in cross section, to form a loop at one end. After insertion in a hole or a slot in a nut and through mating crosswise holes in a bolt, the ends of the pins are bent to hold them in place. This fastener is widely used in locations where service inspection is difficult and failure would be disastrous. They are also used to prevent relative motion or sliding. Also called a cotter key.
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Upon complete inspection of NLG assembly, found bolt, nut, washer and cotter key missing from center torque link.
However, I did not "butterfly" the cotter key, a serious error.
The airframers checked and tightened every bolt, nut, screw, and cotter key in the system.
We conducted a FOD walkdown of the immediate area and found about five handfuls of FOD: metal pins, more bolts, cotter keys, chunks of asphalt, even a pinecone.