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The present results indicate a significant anti-inflammatory activity of PPG isolated from Wattakaka volubilis in cotton pellet granuloma and found to be effective in chronic inflammatory conditions, which reflects its efficacy in inhibiting the increase in the number of fibroblast and synthesis of collagen and mucopolysaccharides during granuloma tissue formation as reported by Recio et al.
The cotton pellet granuloma method is frequently used to investigate the chronic phase of inflammation (Olajide et al.
According to the chronic inflammation model of the cotton pellet, the Hedera helix SPE and CSE may exert their effects by inhibiting the functions of macrophages and fibrosis.
Treatment Dose Weight of the Percentage * P value (mg/ cotton pellet of kg) (mg) inhibition Control 36.
Alstonia macrophylla and its fractions showed significant anti-inflammatory activity comparable to that of indomethacin against carrageenan induced acute pedal edema, dextran induced edema and cotton pellet induced granuloma.
Cotton pellet granuloma in rats: Pellets of dentistry cotton weighing 30 mg each were sterilized in an air oven at 121 [degrees]C for 20 min and impregnated with 0.