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1. a frame upon which barley is malted
2. a priming layer of paint or varnish, esp in a painting
3. Papermaking
a. a board on which sheets of handmade paper are dried by pressing
b. a felt blanket onto which sheets of partly dried paper are transferred for further drying
c. a roll on a papermaking machine from which the wet web of paper on the wire is transferred to the next section
4. Archaic the lair of a wild animal
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What does it mean when you dream about a couch?

A couch may represent getting needed rest, healing therapy, or the therapist’s couch. It may also symbolize a romantic encounter or “first love” experience on the living room couch.

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Dreaming about a couch could mean that you may have a need for some rest and relaxation. The couch also has other symbolism. For example, it could be an object that brings up warm memories, such as those of your first love, whom you snuggled with and first kissed. Additionally, look at all the details of your dream and try to determine if your couch is symbolic of an analyst’s “couch, ”such as Freud had. Old dream interpretation books offer a somewhat strange but curious meaning. They say that the couch may be symbolic of a false sense of security and that you should listen to the advice of those that love you!
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Si le ministere du commerce a renforce son controle sanitaire des couches-culottes, il ne s'est toutefois pas exprime sur le controle des prix ou sur la contrebande dont patissent enormement les couches et d'autres produits hygieniques, comme les tampons et serviettes periodiques pour femmes.
The bowl, "now dated to the late eighth or early seventh century," shows two banqueters reclining on couches. For the date, Baughan turns to Markoe, who places the bowl in his Period III (ca.
The researchers analyzed 102 foam samples from residential couches and found that more manufacturers - about 85 percent - are now using flame retardants in their couches compared to the past.
When someone wants to spend two weeks in Europe or any other place in the world, he or she logs on to the Web site and searches for available couches in an area, instead of looking for hostels or hotel rooms.
Two of four men balance poles on their shoulders as they ferry people sitting on curtained couches. At one corner, women shop for fruits at the market, while soldiers in leather armor share a laugh.
The naked, makeup-coated bodies are as interesting as the chrome dishwashers and overstuffed couches, the vodka bottle on the countertop and the menorah on the bookshelf.
The shopper said of her mother, "She understands couches." Setterfield replied, "Watch that left foot." Someone observed, "My wife doesn't like me to see her vomit." Someone else: "Your wrist is squishing my tits." A woman announced a doctor's appointment: "Maybe I'm pregnant." There were battements, pique turns, leaps, kicks, shuffles.