council school

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council school (Brit.)

An elementary or secondary school supported by public taxes; similar to public school in US.
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All council schools in Cardiff are now connected to wireless internet
CLASS PHOTO: Pupils at Stoke Council School, in Briton Road circa 1959 with teacher Mrs Carter.
In a North Eastern Gazette article about the school's opening, it said: "After many years of deputations and discussions, Billingham has at last been provided with another council school. The opening ceremony of the Billingham North New Council School was performed by County Councillor A.
The year is 1951 and the pupils from Linthwaite Council School were heading to the Bridlington aboard a coach from local firm Hanson.
The school started as a board school in 1898 but by the time the extension was built in the 1900s it had become a council school.
The new policy has now been enhanced by County Council school chiefs having successfully negotiated the first round of special deals with transport operators to ensure students get even more miles for their money.
Wayne Fletcher, a city council school sports co-ordinator, said: ``Anyone can take up golf and it's a great way to keep fit and learn a new sport.
Class Standard VII at Westminster Road Council School in Kirkdale, in 1914.
"I have a photograph of the staff and pupils of Hepworth Council School, which ,to the best of my knowledge, was taken in 1938.
The latest council school target is theWhitchurch district where schools are being threatened with closure or being reduced in size.

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