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Attacking an attacker. Even though a criminal hacker or other agent is attempting to penetrate a security perimeter or damage systems, the counterattack must not violate applicable laws. See DOD cyberspace glossary.
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an attack undertaken by defending forces against enemy forces that have driven a wedge in the defenders' battle formation.

The objective of the counterattack is to rout the enemy and restore the lost tactical position. The counterattack is one of the elements of troop aggressiveness on the defense; the counterat-tack is usually carried out by the defenders' second echelon and reserve forces with assistance from assault units that have not been attacked. Preparation for the counterattack is carried on in accordance with the stated aim of the battle and with consideration of the situation that has come about in the course of the fighting. The counterattacking troops may be supported by tank and air strikes and the fire of artillery, mortars, and other weapons. A successful counterattack is achieved by rapid, unexpected, and decisive action by the counterattacking troops at the moment when the enemy has not yet been able to consolidate and bring up reserves to develop the strike.

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This was aided by the French attack into Alsace-Lorraine being thwarted by German resistance and an immediate counterattack, throwing French troops back across their own lines of communication and providing the necessary reserves in manpower to attack the flanks of the German onslaught attempting to encircle Paris.
In his telling, Cheney never told Arens that the US would not permit Israel to counterattack. Rather, Cheney played for time by saying he needed to check with Bush, then later by promising to send a US air force coordinating officer to meet with Arens, but sending him only after a delay and then requesting to send a different officer to replace him.
The army units then launched a counterattack on ISIL bases near al-Tamin brigade region and won control of Abu Hassan hill after heavy clashes with the terrorists.
The second step of the proposed counterattack consists in a color correction.
will be out in full force looking for impaired drivers at CounterAttack roadchecks."
We must mobilize all our forces in an all-out counterattack.
"The revolutionary fighters managed in the counterattack to retrieve three posts that were captured by the regime forces and their allies from Hezbollah," said Hadi al-Abdullah, a spokesman for the Local Coordination Committees, a network of opposition activists in Syria.
The Alex took the lead from a counterattack after 19 minutes when Byron Moore glided past two defenders before feeding Ajay Leitch-Smith, whose shot was well saved, but Moore tapped home the rebound.
The Italians are most dangerous on the counterattack and despite the likelihood that they will be without a recognised striker, they are more than capable of catching out the Bhoys.
TEAM LLANELLI LLANDOVERY 44 38 BOTH clubs celebrated their inclusion in next year's Super 10 Premiership by serving up a feast of attack and counterattack at Parc y Scarlets, writes Huw S Thomas.
RELATED: Why the West need not fear Libya's Islamic warriors If the rebels are able to hold the territory - they have made gains before, only to retreat under counterattack - it would be a major blow to Qaddafi and his forces.
Key events in the battle (including the seizure of Sowchos 79 by the Russians, the German 15th Panzer Regiment blockage of the Russian 1st Tank Corps, and the 15th Panzer Regiment counterattack) will show how the Russian failures directly related to the outcome of the battle.