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Attacking an attacker. Even though a criminal hacker or other agent is attempting to penetrate a security perimeter or damage systems, the counterattack must not violate applicable laws. See DOD cyberspace glossary.
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an attack undertaken by defending forces against enemy forces that have driven a wedge in the defenders' battle formation.

The objective of the counterattack is to rout the enemy and restore the lost tactical position. The counterattack is one of the elements of troop aggressiveness on the defense; the counterat-tack is usually carried out by the defenders' second echelon and reserve forces with assistance from assault units that have not been attacked. Preparation for the counterattack is carried on in accordance with the stated aim of the battle and with consideration of the situation that has come about in the course of the fighting. The counterattacking troops may be supported by tank and air strikes and the fire of artillery, mortars, and other weapons. A successful counterattack is achieved by rapid, unexpected, and decisive action by the counterattacking troops at the moment when the enemy has not yet been able to consolidate and bring up reserves to develop the strike.

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Our strong defence and deadly counterattacking ability will see us go all the way.
But what is arguable is whether Liverpool's style of counterattacking play will continue to produce trophies and entertainment.
Liverpool's counterattacking style suits the European game and, coming into tonight's Champions League Group B second phase match against Spanish giants Barcelona at Anfield they remain undefeated in Europe's premier club competition.
NEWCASTLE United's counterattacking style is difficult to deal with even if home sides expect the Magpies to play in such a way, admits Watford boss Javi Gracia.
"We do a lot of work on counterattacking play in training and we've broken from our own six yard box to score a wonderful goal."