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Attacking an attacker. Even though a criminal hacker or other agent is attempting to penetrate a security perimeter or damage systems, the counterattack must not violate applicable laws. See DOD cyberspace glossary.
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an attack undertaken by defending forces against enemy forces that have driven a wedge in the defenders' battle formation.

The objective of the counterattack is to rout the enemy and restore the lost tactical position. The counterattack is one of the elements of troop aggressiveness on the defense; the counterat-tack is usually carried out by the defenders' second echelon and reserve forces with assistance from assault units that have not been attacked. Preparation for the counterattack is carried on in accordance with the stated aim of the battle and with consideration of the situation that has come about in the course of the fighting. The counterattacking troops may be supported by tank and air strikes and the fire of artillery, mortars, and other weapons. A successful counterattack is achieved by rapid, unexpected, and decisive action by the counterattacking troops at the moment when the enemy has not yet been able to consolidate and bring up reserves to develop the strike.

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These passions generally fuel the counterattack. Napoleon's adventure into the Iberian Peninsula met fierce local resistance that was aided by the British, and the campaign became a running sore for the republic-cumempire.
The one-circle Fourier watermarking is chosen with r0 = 64, the PSNR is 40dB, and the counterattacks are composed of a Wiener filter associated to a color correction as described above.
Barbour's conclusion works well to pull his different discussions together, for he demonstrates that the self-assessments of English Protestants prompted counterattacks from New England separatists and European papists.
Characters are basically names attached to guns and nearly the entire book consists of attacks and counterattacks. In the afterword, the author, personally familiar with combat, calls 9/11 a "wake up" call and exhorts the U.S.
He didn't, and on Pork Chop, as A Company's executive officer, he fought in every sector of the hill, leading numerous localized counterattacks those first two days.
This includes Jewish counterattacks on the media such as the Toronto Star for presumably being biased against Israel.
Wales eventually settled, matching the French up front, with flanker Pip Minto prominent - though they struggled to break the gainline with French tacklers prepared to risk straying offside - while full-back Naomi Thomas launched some promising counterattacks.
NEW YORK-In a time when terrorism attacks and counterattacks are on everyone's mind, the bedroom can be a refuge.
While the drops went off without a hitch, enemy counterattacks necessitated a call to VMO-6, which responded by evacuating 13 wounded.
Further back, German reserve divisions threatened powerful counterattacks with the introduction of two new terrifying weapons: the Flammenwerfers, a flame-thrower capable of launching a stream of fire up to 50 feet, and mustard gas that caused severe and painful blistering.
Companies that launch counterattacks could find themselves on the wrong side of the law, says Bruce Middleton, a senior security specialist for Hughes Network Systems.
Among contemporary launchers of counterattacks against the foes of liberalism, few have been as sharp and incisive as Stephen Holmes.