country codes A-E

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country codes A-E

Following are the Internet country codes starting with A and ending with E. See country code.

Code Country
  AD   Andorra
  AE   United Arab Emirates
  AF   Afghanistan
  AG   Antigua and Barbuda
  AI   Anguilla
  AL   Albania
  AM   Armenia
  AN   Netherland Antilles
  AO   Angola
  AQ   Antarctica
  AR   Argentina
  AS   American Samoa
  AT   Austria
  AU   Australia
  AW   Aruba
  AZ   Azerbaijan

  BA   Bosnia-Herzegovina
  BB   Barbados
  BD   Bangladesh
  BE   Belgium
  BF   Burkina Faso
  BG   Bulgaria
  BH   Bahrain
  BI   Burundi
  BJ   Benin
  BM   Bermuda
  BN   Brunei Darussalam
  BO   Bolivia
  BR   Brazil
  BS   Bahamas
  BT   Bhutan
  BV   Bouvet Island
  BW   Botswana
  BY   Belarus
  BZ   Belize

  CA   Canada
  CC   Cocos (Keeling) Islands
  CF   Central African Republic
  CG   Congo
  CH   Switzerland
  CI   Ivory Coast
  CK   Cook Islands
  CL   Chile
  CM   Cameroon
  CN   China
  CO   Colombia
  CR   Costa Rica
  CU   Cuba
  CV   Cape Verde
  CX   Christmas Island
  CY   Cyprus
  CZ   Czech Republic

  DE   Germany
  DJ   Djibouti
  DK   Denmark
  DM   Dominica
  DO   Dominican Republic
  DZ   Algeria

  EC   Ecuador
  EE   Estonia
  EG   Egypt
  EH   Western Sahara
  ER   Eritrea
  ES   Spain
  ET   Ethiopia
  EU   European Union
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