country codes N-Z

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country codes N-Z

Following are the Internet country codes starting with N and ending with Z. See country code.

Code Country
  NA   Namibia
  NC   New Caledonia (French)
  NE   Niger
  NF   Norfolk Island
  NG   Nigeria
  NI   Nicaragua
  NL   Netherlands
  NO   Norway
  NP   Nepal
  NR   Nauru
  NU   Niue
  NZ   New Zealand

  OM   Oman

  PA   Panama
  PE   Peru
  PF   Polynesia (French)
  PG   Papua New Guinea
  PH   Philippines
  PK   Pakistan
  PL   Poland
  PM   St. Pierre and Miquelon
  PN   Pitcairn
  PR   Puerto Rico (U.S.)
  PT   Portugal
  PW   Palau
  PY   Paraguay

  QA   Qatar

  RE   Reunion (French)
  RO   Romania
  RU   Russian Federation
  RW   Rwanda

  SA   Saudi Arabia
  SB   Solomon Islands
  SC   Seychelles
  SD   Sudan
  SE   Sweden
  SG   Singapore
  SH   St. Helena
  SI   Slovenia
  SJ   Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands
  SK   Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
  SL   Sierra Leone
  SM   San Marino
  SN   Senegal
  SO   Somalia
  SR   Suriname
  ST   St. Tome and Principe
  SU   Soviet Union
  SV   El Salvador
  SY   Syria
  SZ   Swaziland

  TC   Turks and Caicos Islands
  TD   Chad
  TF   French Southern Territories
  TG   Togo
  TH   Thailand
  TJ   Tadjikistan
  TK   Tokelau
  TM   Turkmenistan
  TN   Tunisia
  TO   Tonga
  TP   East Timor
  TR   Turkey
  TT   Trinidad and Tobago
  TV   Tuvalu
  TW   Taiwan
  TZ   Tanzania

  UA   Ukraine
  UG   Uganda
  UK   United Kingdom
  UM   United States Minor Outlying Islands
  US   United States
  UY   Uruguay
  UZ   Uzbekistan

  VA   Vatican City State
  VC   St. Vincent and Grenadines
  VE   Venezuela
  VG   Virgin Islands (British)
  VI   Virgin Islands (U.S.)
  VN   Vietnam
  VU   Vanuatu

  WF   Wallis and Futuna Islands
  WS   Western Samoa

  YE   Yemen
  YT   Mayotte
  YU   Yugoslavia

  ZA   South Africa
  ZM   Zambia
  ZR   Congo (formerly Zaire)
  ZW   Zimbabwe
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