mercy killing

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mercy killing:

see euthanasiaeuthanasia
, either painlessly putting to death or failing to prevent death from natural causes in cases of terminal illness or irreversible coma. The term comes from the Greek expression for "good death.
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The sturdy structure and hairpin twists remain firmly in place, including one jaw-dropping coup de grace that will stun viewers who missed out on the intense, twisted pleasure of Campanella's superior incarnation.
The Scotland Under-21 striker may have earned redemption in the game by delivering the coup de grace to United with the final
Et si le coup de grace de la justice europeenne declarant nul et non avenu l'accord de peche conclu en 2012 a fragilise le royaume, le retrait du geant francais Total conforte le droit a l'autodetermination sahraouie.
According to his statements, this attack is the coup de grace for one of the key sectors boosting exports and liquidity at home and a loss of at least 1,000 million dinars (MD) will surely be recorded under this season.
IT'S a standard cliche of unimaginative horror films that, just when a protagonist in a supporting role thinks he's overcome the peril he was facing and the creepy background music fades away, an unexpected assailant leaps into shot from nowhere and delivers a terminally surprising coup de grace.
However another Davies penalty nosed Hoppers further ahead on 65 minutes before he delivered the coup de grace with that bonus point-denying drop goal.
The coup de grace came during the Japan Series this season, in which Tanaka went 160 pitches during a Game 6 loss, then came back the next day and threw another 15 in relief to close out Rakuten's championship victory," writes Jeff Passan via Real GM.
The humiliation by Liverpool, which followed a 6-0 drubbing by Manchester City last month, appears to have been the final straw for the Spurs chairman Daniel Levy who delivered the coup de grace in person.
Une recette qui a failli fonctionner face au Mali avant le coup de grace donne par Keita.
He delivered the coup de grace moments later, a lofted return forcing Raonic to smash a drive volley into the net after two hours, eight minutes to complete a final set 'bagel'.
10, Scotland coach Andy Robinson has made it clear he hopes to use a running approach to move Argentina's pack around before issuing the coup de grace through his backs.
The coup de grace has been the devasting explosion at the Mari naval base with the simultaneous destruction of the island's primary power station.