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In [18], the frequency-reconfigurable aperture coupled antenna is achieved by controlling the switch at the slot on the ground plane.
Caption: Figure 7: Layout of the T-shaped probe coupled antenna.
To obtain wideband circular polarization characteristics, a dual-slot coupled antenna excited by an H-shaped slot fed by a T-shaped microstrip was designed as the radiating element of a rectenna array.
Equations (2) and (4) provide a complete solution to the problem of coupled antenna arrays, based on the sinusoidal approximation for the currents.
Detailed analysis of equivalent circuit modeling of capacitive coupled antenna may be found in [11].
Kronberger, "Innovating RFID for future applications: a capacitive coupled antenna design for UHF RFID application," IEEE Microwave Magazine, vol.
This is an interesting result which is totally different from the microstrip fed aperture coupled antenna where the microstrip feed must be in the centre of the slot to achieve best coupling [6].
The two FETs are connected in a symmetrical arrangement to the coupled antenna, and thus the circuit may be analyzed separately in its even and odd modes of operation.
It is also shown that the passive and lossless decoupling and matching networks can be used to transform the coupled antenna ports into independent and matched ports.
The envelope correlation coefficient presents an important factor for the comparison of MIMO capabilities of coupled antennas.
In [16], a broadband decoupling network for two tightly coupled antennas was proposed using inserting a second-order coupled resonator filter network between the coupled antennas.