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If you find yourself on a coupled approach below your personal hand-flying minimums and then something happens to the autopilot, will you be ready to immediately take over and fly with the precision needed to complete the approach to minimums or fly the missed?
Park, "Loose fluid-structure coupled approach for a rotor in descent incorporating fuselage effects," Journal of Aircraft, vol.
This coupled approach has already been used by few researchers for both single [12, 31] as well as multiobjective [33] issues.
Whatever the form, the message in today's world is that academics and career need to be linked as a coupled approach to student preparation and success while at the institution and beyond.
In (4), the authors used a coupled approach to improve the thermal performance of a heat sink for integrated power modules, but without taking into account the problem of layout.
Ron Doepner, project pilot, said: "We've updated the flight control computer to make a coupled approach to a rig.
For these reasons, the strongly coupled approach is typically limited to very specific applications; for a recent example, one can refer to Stein, et al, (ref.
In the Hornet, getting the switchology correct is imperative for a coupled approach. Don't wait for it to be your night in the barrel to figure out which buttons to push.
As a result of having the wrong setup, the flight crew could not fly the typical autopilot coupled approach on final, so, because they could see the runway lights in the black desolation of the desert, they decided to John Wayne it.
The directly coupled approach, however, does not test the system as a unit.
However, when a coupled approach is flown, an autopilot has no such damping and could try to chase these signal fluctuations.