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two successive lines of verse, usually rhymed and of the same metre
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in a song or poem, a lyric strophe. In a musical couplet, a self-contained melody covers the lines of one strophe of a poem. With repetition through subsequent lines of the text, the melody may remain unchanged or may be slightly varied. In polyphonic songs based on couplets, the secondary voices may be subject to variations in subsequent verses; in songs with accompaniment, the accompaniment may change. Couplets are frequently begun with a lead-in antiphonal and rounded off by a refrain.

The Russian plural form of “couplet,” kuplety, is the name for a ballad of a jovial, humorous, or satirical type with a recurring refrain. It is found in vaudeville and musical comedy and in the 20th century became a genre of variety-stage song. Outstanding Soviet kuplety performers include V. Ia. Khenkin, B. S. Borisov, and L. O. Utesov.

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Because of the important role of uric acid in lowering peroxynitrite-mediated damage, it seems likely that raising uric acid levels may be an important approach towards lowering the central couplet. One does need to be careful not to raise uric acid levels too much, because excessive levels can cause gout.
First, it identifies some of the stylistic characteristics of the ghazal couplet and of Ali's ghazals in particular--finesse, epigrammatic compression, elliptical thinking, literary and cultural allusiveness, wordplay, wit, and so on.
Here, as elsewhere, Tasso reserves for the couplet his play of verbal wit.
In historicizing poetic form in terms of rule and transgression Wolfson notes that political and aesthetic orthodoxy do not always hold hands, that looseness in couplets is not invariably associated with looseness of principles, but she finds much-needed support in Hazlitt's linking of revolutionary poetics with radicalism.
Despite these advantages, however, the domination/subordination approach has a fatal flaw: it represents the very embodiment of the double couplet. The subordinate group is, by definition, the victim and the problem.
For example, if it is true that the heroic couplet, as Dryden handles it, 'by the reiterated end-stopped lines which the rhyme and designed pauses produce, halts or constrains the emotion, preventing any overflow of feeling', that is emphatically not true of rhyming alexandrines as Racine handles them.
Summary: New Delhi [India], July 05 (ANI): From poetry to divinity, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman made sure that her maiden Budget speech on Friday was interspersed with couplets and quotes.
The couplet by the revolutionary poet is the first tweet by the PML-N leader since July 13 when she was arrested along with her father in compliance with a July 6 court order in Avenfield case.
Designs include a square-shaped couplet saying "Dog Brings Prosperity", which has a dogs forming the shape of the character for prosperity.
The beauty of Doha is that in just one couplet the poet describes a whole incident and story which has lot of historical perspective as well and it also has a message for those who care to receive it.
Kaleem Aajiz became a legend with one particular couplet: "Daaman pe koyee chheent na khanjar pe koyee daagh/Tum qatl karo ho ke karamat karo ho." This couplet is on the lips of every Urdu lover, and is often quoted on Urdu television channels and newspapers.
Chaudhry also posted a heroic couplet of Faiz Ahmad Faiz.