cour d'honneur

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cour d’honneur

The forecourt of a building, especially a monumental forecourt.
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"Merci Nicolas!" ont crie ses partisans, alors que sa voiture sortait de la cour d'honneur. Nicolas Sarkozy est reste vague sur ses intentions.
A grove of 55 jets of water in the centre of the square (more a cour d'honneur in French tradition) spring up from bases set flush with its granite paving.
Furnished with a multipurpose 10-foot-high castle that permits all sorts of clever exits and entrances, Benoit's stage, within the Cour d'Honneur, the internal courtyard of Avignon's 14th-century Papal Palace, was huger by far than the one Shakespeare wrote for.
Much ink was spilt in advance of this year's Avignon Festival to decry the absence of any new work in the Cour d'honneur, the vast courtyard of the 14th-century Papal Palace.
In an interview in InfoMatin, Faivre d'Arcier replied patiently that the festival didn't have enough money in its $4.5-million budget to commission new work for the Cour d'honneur, and that if none of the 10 or so theatres in France big enough to create for the Cour were willing to do so in a given year, there was nothing he could do to force them.
Sarkozy avait fait sensation sur le tapis rouge de la cour d'honneur.
Visitors will approach from the east to the cour d'honneur between the office wings.
In 1914-15 two additional wings were added to the major portal frontage, enclosing the former railway turntable, and transforming it to a kind of cour d'honneur, which is the entrance focus of the new project.
The main idea was to sink the new double sports hall about 10 m into the ground, recreating the outdoor space of the court on top of it at original ground level both as a cour d'honneur for the new approach and as an outdoor sports ground for summer use.
In the south-east angle is the terrace of the cour d'honneur, where the canopied space that links the entrances to the two halves of the complex is projected as platforms that run along the wings.