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Several surveys investigated the friction factor and confirmed that it follows a decreasing course line when corresponding Reynolds number increases.
Much like backing up CV-approach needles with bulls-eye, the TACAN, and the BRC course line, the diamond can help you get the jet on deck safely.
With transmitting power around 100 watts, the localizer can be received up to 18 nm away if you're at least 1000 feet above the highest terrain and within 10 degrees of the course line, or within 35 degrees at ten nm.
Using arrow keys once the feature has been activated, you can plot a course line different than that of your destination course line and then cancel the OBS hold to get back on your desired course.
I flew to the course line on my HSI and gradually descended.
The airport diagram also shows the course line leading straight to the runway.
AeroNav GPS approaches indicate that the 34:1 slope on the visual segment is clear of obstructions through the depiction of a light grey stipple line connecting the course line to the runway in the profile view, while there is no indication at all on Jepp charts due to the requirement for international consistency.
The visual of being on or off track can be made even stronger with an extended course line for the aircraft.
The amount of correction depended on my airspeed, the wind speed, and the angle of wind to my course line. A pure headwind or tailwind required no crab adjustment.
The magenta course line will rotate on the moving map and the desired track field on the GPS (DTK) will change.

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