course work

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coursed masonry, course work

Masonry construction in which the stones are laid in regular courses, not irregularly as in rough or random rubble.
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Since 2017, universities have been burning the midnight oil developing new curricula for the doctorate degree programmes to comply with the CUE rule that requires students to undertake course work for at least one academic year before moving into research and theses writing.The commission stopped the award of doctorate degrees to students who directly conduct research and are taught through seminars, saying such a system produced weak graduates.
Referring to the destruction of the pupils' course work, he said: "Other items can be replaced, these things - effort and accomplishment - are quite a different situation."
Other universities were unable to provide figures but said they had systems in place to tackle cheating in exams and course work.
There are certain gender prejudices at issue when it comes to course work. It has become a truism that girls do well in course work, cited as a reason for the increasing success of girls over boys.
Course work toward a baccalaureate, master's, or doctoral degree is another way to address the need for lifelong learning.
SCHOOL'S out for the Easter holidays for most Coventry pupils - but some are back in the classroom cramming for exams and finishing course work.
Students come to their course work in statistics with varying degrees personality dispositions and academic experiences that can either help or hinder their ability to do well.
Skipper said course work was offered in three areas: continuing education, pre-licensure and post-licensure.
Thus, it is the responsibility of the field and personnel preparation programs to identify and address these specific needs in course work. Addressing such needs takes both professional development and research to allow for instruction in evidence-based practices.
Teacher Enrichment Grants may be used for private study, college-level course work or special projects in performance, pedagogy, music theory and composition.
The 20-year-old needs the books, which contain course work for the Fine Arts degree he is taking at Batley School of Art and Design.