course work

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coursed masonry, course work

Masonry construction in which the stones are laid in regular courses, not irregularly as in rough or random rubble.
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London Business School has partnered with Genesys Conferencing (Euronext Eurolist: FR0004270270) (NASDAQ:GNSY) to provide the school's students with Genesys Meeting Center, a service that allows the executive students to hold interactive course work study meetings with fellow students anywhere at any time, directly from their computer desktops.
There are certain gender prejudices at issue when it comes to course work.
Learning to balance time was essential to being successful in my course work and completing the degree.
This Easter holiday will see many pupils and their teachers back in school to finish course work, particularly important for subjects such as art and design and resistant materials.
Additionally, this study looked at differences in the distribution of scores across measurements on anxiety, attitude, self-reported readiness, and expectation-for-success for statistics students with and without prior course work in statistics.
Thanks to increased awareness of and publications on the topic, university faculty and staff are now better able to incorporate content into course work and to allow for the application of knowledge and skills in practicum settings.
The 20-year-old needs the books, which contain course work for the Fine Arts degree he is taking at Batley School of Art and Design.
If an institution refuses to accept credits or degree, options for next steps may include: (1) Asking the admitting university if they have an appeal process and how to submit a formal appeal; (2) Asking the registrar for admission on provisional or probationary status; (3) Contacting the Department Dean to ask for an interview and review of work before a final decision is made; and (4) If an institution gives credit for unaccredited course work, such as life or work experience, ask for the same review process for accredited course work.
LANCASTER -- Officials from SOAR High School, a school that blends college course work with normal high school classes at Antelope Valley College, will visit middle and intermediate schools to recruit students.
Teacher Enrichment Grants may be used for private study, college-level course work or special projects in performance, pedagogy, music theory and composition The grant is not intended to be used to pursue course work toward a degree, for travel funds or for ongoing projects.
While the students didn't earn credit for the course work, they and Allen enjoyed open use of studio space, free classes, and the opportunity to perform at the school's graduate concert.